VIDEO: Payton on Washington

NOV. 4 -- Receiver Jordan Payton talks about the program he was once committed to, and how the UCLA offense has added dimensions...

Jordan Payton talked to the media during Washington week.

On what he saw on film against Arizona:
I thought we played well overall. Penalties, same thing every week it seems like, killing us. We went out and played tough and took it to them and came out with a win. But this week, we've got a big game in Seattle.

On the difference in passing and running:
I can't really tell the difference. The difference I guess is Paul perkins is really lighting it up and Brett rushed for like 150 yards. So we're hard to stop when we have those two running like that. When those two are as dynamic as they are, we're hard to stop.

On defenses trying to stop the deep ball:
A lot of teams are starting to play ten yards off and late in the game, 12 yards off.

On the switch:
It's a nice adjustment. Not many people have that problem. Some teams cant go deep. For us, they tend to play off. Its a nice problem and we have to take advantage of it.

On his 70-yard touchdown:
Because we were running so many short routes, we were able to open it. Brett threw a beautiful ball and everything was right on point.

On the double move route working well:
Yeah, it has been. Running my short routes and being violent after the catch, the corners have to respect it more.

On if defenses are respecting his physicality:
You can tell when they give you some room. I've played against good corners and they have good confidence. I take it as respect when they play off.

On Washington's defense:
Man, they're a good defense. Marcus Peters does a good job. He's an extremely good corner and Shaq Thompson hasn't been playing defense but he's a violent force. I'm excited. I was committed there once and know a bunch of guys so I'm excited to get to Seattle.

On what Marcus Peters does well:
Everything. He's physical, he's tall, he's violent. He does a great job pressing the boundary. I'm excited going against him. I'll have a lot on my hands against that corner. Its exciting, you don't get a big matchup like that, you have to take advantage of it.

On Thompson and Myles Jack:
Very similar. He's very physical like Myles. I go against Myles every day in practice. If he plays defense, lets go get it because he's a phenomenal player.

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