VIDEO: Mora on Tuesday

Nov. 4 -- Head coach Jim Mora talks about the competition at guard and building on the Myles Jack package...

Opening statement:
Its a great start to a very important week for this football team. Going on the road for the last time for the regular season. Trying to extend our winning streak there. A formidable foe in Washington, always playing well at home. I thought the guys practiced very well. We plan to put a good week of practice together and play our best on Saturday.

On being back in Husky Stadium:
It really doesn't matter to me, I'm excited that we get another game to get a win.

On why Pac-12 road teams have been so good this year:
I couldn't tell you. I know for our team on the road, there is a cohesion and a sense of us against them that I think helps us play well. We eliminate distractions and are confined to the same space at the same time and it builds an energy that helps you on the road.

On Washington's defensive line:
I think they're good. They've done a nice job. They've got a good defense and good scheme and play hard.

On if the guard position is a battle between Bunche, Lacy and Redmond:
I think every position is like that. If you look at our wideouts or defensive backs the way we play them, its always a competition. Its healthy and it helps your team reach their potential. Its nice to finally have some guys that can step in there and play and not feel like its a drop off. It wasn't until the fourth quarter until I even realized myself that Kenny had been out there as much as I had. That's really great when I don't notice that.

On if Simon Goines will redshirt:
I think we'd like to work that way but depending on how the last few games unfolds. But most profitable for us in the long run is him to redshirt. He's really worked hard.

On Shaq Thompson:
He's big, fast and physical. He's versatile. He's got energy. He's good at protection so he's not just in there to run but to protect as well. He's a great athlete and a great player. He's turning in to the type of player we thought he would.

On if he and Myles Jack are similar:
They're built a little differently. Myles is more compact, Shaq a little linear. They're both versatile athletes. I don't know why Shaq is only playing offense, but I think they're both dynamic young players.

On if he's thought about using Myles more like Shaq in normal formations:
We do that all the time. We did it the other night. We have it in the package every week. Its a matter of if we get to it. We're running the ball pretty damn well. You take carries away from Perkins and Starks, and add them to Myles, especially against a tempo offense, I'm not sure its the best thing. You have to be careful.

On the balance of reps:
I always have him kind of ready. You have to monitor where he is and his cardio and how it will effect him on defense. If we're running the ball well and playing well on defense, you don't want to mess with it. Paul is over 1,000 yards, Brett is on fire lately and dang, the way Nate Starks is running it has been impressive. We're not going to get him carries just to get them, we're going to get them tfor positive influence on the game.

On what Nate Starks is doing different:
He's played well all year when he's gotten his chances. He runs hard. As he gets more opportunity, people tend to take notice. He's a good football player. He's hard to tackle and angular and he's going to be a good player.

On if it will be emotional going against his alma mater:

On if the weather will be a factor:
It's going to be 57 degress, no rain and 4 MPH winds. We'll be fine. It will be a little warmer than in the Rose Bowl. Your Saturday forecast is a low of 48, a high of 57 and winds at 4 MPH and zero percent chance of rain. It's going to rain on Friday and Sunday.

On how Washington's defense changes with Shaq Thompson switching to offense:
Nothing. They're structurally the same with good players. They have two defensive players up for the Nagurski award.

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