VIDEO: Kendricks on Thompson

Nov. 6 -- Eric Kendricks talks about matching up against Shaq Thopmson at running back...

Eric Kendricks talks after practice:

On Shaq Thompson:
He's a big boy and thats a linebacker playing running back so we have to bring our pads and tackle.

On if he's thought about playing running back:
I played in high school but those days are over with.

On if he thought about it earlier in college:
I thought about it earlier. I'm an old guy now so I'm focusing on linebacker.

On if it helps going against Myles Jack:
It definitely helps us but at the end of the day, Shaq Thompson is his own animal.

On if Thompson reminds him of anyone:
Not quite. Texas had some bigger backs, but he's pretty unique. He has his own type of running style.

On if he's had to compensate for guys not doing their job and not having to against Arizona:
It was a blast. I still made the plays that came to me, which is important. I didn't have 16 tackles like I usually do but it was fun, I had a great time.

On if he notices more blockers:
Sometimes they try to double team me but I hear things off the bat. They still have to stop me. If they're trying to double team me, we have more guys that can make the play.

On having to do more than one job at a time:
I think that is part of the game and what I bring to the table. I'm able to do my job and help other people out. Sometimes people get my back when I make a mistake.

On Cyler Miles:
He's a good player and he'll be a challenge.

On if it could be a defensive battle:
I'm not quite sure, but I have to worry about my side of the ball.

On Washington's offense:
A lot of formation shifts. They try to get you thinking all the time.

On getting more national notice:
Its a little different, but I'm treating it like every year. I'm just focused on the next game and doing my job.

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