Uluave Talks Oregon Trip

NOV. 5 -- The Hawaii offensive lineman, Semisi Uluave, talks about his UO visit and upcoming UCLA visit...

Four-star offensive guard Semisi Uluave took his official visit to Oregon over the weekend. Accompanied by Punahou teammate Canton Kaumatule, Uluave got a chance to see what Oregon had to offer both athletically and academically and it did not disappoint.

“Visiting Oregon was spectacular,” Uluave said. “It was awesome. This was a great weekend. What really caught my attention was the fact that while Oregon football is the most dominant thing about the University of Oregon, when we got to go visit the Jacqua Center, the academics and everything they have is amazing. He was telling us about how the freshman get tutors for each class that they get and they have individual rooms where they can have one-on-one time with their tutors.

“I got to visit the school of music, the family human services and then we got to go visit the school of business. I was just blown away because that was what I really wanted to go and see was the academic part of UO because the football at Oregon sells itself. The way they played against Stanford was amazing. Stanford is a good team and for them to pull out the W like that, it’s saying something. I was just so happy that I got to see the academic part of it.”

Uluave got the chance to be a part of a special moment for his good friend, Kaumatule, who committed to Oregon during halftime of the game.

“For months he would talk about this with me,” he said. “Basically narrowing it down to Oregon and USC. For a couple of weeks I had actually known about him wanting to commit to Oregon, but we didn’t want to make it public yet and I knew there was a chance of him committing on the trip. This is a big step for his future and so I got to give him a big hug and I told him ‘Man, you’re one step closer’. All his hard work is paying off.”

The Oregon coaching staff impressed Uluave.

“I really respect each and every person on that coaching staff,” he said. “They don’t hold themselves like they’re better than anybody. They’re people and they’re very respectful and some of the nicest people I’ve met too. In talking with them, they don’t try to make me feel uncomfortable by trying to make me commit or try to lure me into coming to Oregon. They talk to me like ‘if you’re choice is Oregon we’d be so excited, but we understand that you have to make your choice for your future’.

“When you choose a college its about the long run, it’s not about short term joy. I spent a lot of time talking to Coach Greatwood and Coach Joe Bernardi. Those are two of the nicest men you’ll ever meet…that’s the kind of coach you want to play for. They’re the type of coaches you can be yourself around off the field and when it’s time to take care of business.”

Uluave has Oregon in his top two along with UCLA. With this visit in the background he gave an update on where Oregon stands with him.

“Because I haven’t taken my trip to UCLA,” he said. “I can say they’re basically equal right now. They’re neck and neck.”

Uluave will take his UCLA official visit during the last weekend of the regular season, Nov. 27-28. He has a few things that he’s looking forward to seeing in person on the trip.

“I’m looking forward to getting to know (UCLA Offensive Line) Coach Adrian Klemm a little more,” he said. “I’ve only gotten to meet him once and it was super quick, just a meet and greet. I want to get to know the UCLA offensive line staff more, the coaching staff more. But I also want to see their academics and their academic support for their athletes as well because that’s the main factor.”

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