Kirk Goes Deep on UCLA Visit

Nov. 5 -- Scottsdale (Ariz.) Saguaro's Christian Kirk, the nation's #4-ranked receiver, took his official visit to UCLA this past weekend and liked what he saw of the Bruins and a potential future teammate...

Christian Kirk is the top rated receiver out West and a top 30 player nationally. He's a dynamic athlete who you can use in a variety of ways and he's a threat to score from anywhere on the field.

On the recruiting front, Kirk has been to UCLA on unofficial visits previously and took his official visit this past weekend.

"It was great, I really enjoyed spending time with the players and coaches. I have a really good relationship with a lot of guys there and UCLA was actually the first school to offer me when I was just a freshman. Jordan Payton was my host but I hung out with Jalen Ortiz quite a bit and he's someone I'm very close with since he's from Arizona. We've always been close and have actually become even better friends since he has gotten to UCLA. I know a few other players from Arizona and the cool thing is they haven't changed one bit, they're the same guys they were back in H.S and really easy for me to get along with.

"I talk to him quite a bit about the school and what he likes about it. Jordan was great to be around and was a great host. He said he doesn't host too many players since he's one of the older guys on the team but said since I was a big time player, the coaches really wanted him to host me so that was kind of cool. He's a great player and someone I know I can learn from. They're recruiting me to play the same position as him as an outside guy and watching the offense, you get a lot one on one matchups and can make a ton of plays."

Kirk said he has a great relationship with the coaches and that was strengthened over the weekend.

"I talk to Noel and Taylor Mazzone all the time," Kirk said. "Like I said, they were my first offer and it's crazy to think I've been talking to those guys for almost four years now. I talk with Coach Mora all the time too and the cool thing on this visit was spending time with Coach Yarbs (Eric Yarber). He's a great WR coach with an NFL background and just sitting there talking with him, I really learned a lot and picked up some things that can make me a better player.

"I also know one of the GAs really well, Coach (David) Marsh. He was the wide receiver coach at Saguaro my freshman and sophomore year and he's a great guy so between the coaches and players I know, I have a great comfort level with everyone. A big part of my decision will be finding a place where I know I can trust the coaches and my family knows they'll look out for me. I have that at UCLA, when I talk to them, they're not trying to sell me on anything, we're just talking and I really appreciate that."

Kirk got to UCLA a few hours before kickoff and got to see how the team prepares for a game.

"That was a lot of fun for me, watching the team prepare and how they get ready," Kirk said. "The atmosphere in the locker room and even in the hotel before they got to the Rose Bowl was crazy. They had the music blaring and were getting hyped. They were locked in and focused too, though. They knew it was a huge game on a big stage with their new jerseys.

"Myles Jack was running around the locker room hitting chairs and acting crazy. He got those two personal fouls early in the game and the coaches even mentioned afterward that they were probably a little overhyped before game time but they still came out with a big win. The coaches were telling me how that game showed how much they need a guy like me who can stretch the field. They have some good young receivers but I'm a little different than what they have and they can do a lot of different things with me if I went there."

Kirk also spent quite a bit of time with Josh Rosen, who was also on his official visit.

"Josh going to UCLA is definitely a big plus," Kirk said. "He's a great quarterback, a pocket guy who wants to get the ball to his receivers. He even told me he doesn't like to get hit or run much, he wants to sit in the pocket and deliver the ball to the receivers. We've become good friends and he's a great guy. We're so different, I've never met anyone as smart as Josh or who has his outlook on life or even football. He never watches college or pro football and that's all I ever do when I have the time.

"Overall, the trip was great, definitely met my expectations and then some. This weekend I take my visit to Arizona State and my last trip will be to USC (Dec. 5). I'm graduating December 19 so I'm going to try and have my decision a week after that USC visit. Right now, everyone is still in it. I don't have a leader and no one has been eliminated. It's going to be really hard to figure this out because I have great schools to choose from but it's a great position to be in and I'm just thankful for the opportunity."

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