VIDEO: Mazzone on Playing to Strengths

NOV. 5 -- Offensive Coordinator Noel Mazzone talked about personnel use, and matching that with the defense, and Washington's D...

On how the offense looks:
They're doing good. We're excited, we've got some things, getting some guys in the game. Alex Redmond has had a good week of practice. Im excited for the weekend.

On Kenny Walker:
I'd love to see Kenny. His reps got picked up this last game and I'd like to see the ball get thrown to him this week.

On what he brings:
Speed. Not just Washington, but he brings explosive speed to the table so we have to do a better job of getting him into a situation to take advantage of that.

On defenses dropping more guys:
Teams are dropping like ten guys.

On Thomas Duarte being important:
A bigger body, a guy who can work the middle of the field, a litle more experienced than Mossi, though Mossi has done a good job. The hardest thing is patience. We want to go fast. I thought the kids did a nice job of being patient last week against that style of defense. When the opportunity presents itself. We have to be able to take advantage, but we have to be an offense that cant have penalties and can't get off schedule. Have patience and be willing to get out there and instead of 4-5 play drives, do 8-play drives then execute in the end zone.

On does it make sense to drop that many guys with Hundley's running:
I don't know. I don't know anything about defense.

On Washington's defensive line:
I've seen on film that they feel they can bring pressure with four guys, which they can.

On if it makes it more dangerous for Hundley:
I'll be honest, I think he feels more comfortable when not everyone is dropping. He's a quarterback, the less guys back there, the more he'll find guys. Like last week, all but one where he got deep on his drop and Conor got beat on the edge, all those were coverage sacks. At some point it breaks down. We'll see what happens.

On Nate Starks:
What I've noticed is he's got good collision and balance. When the collision happens, he keeps running. Every week, I'm happy with his progress.

On scheming against a pass rush from up the middle:
Tell your guards to help Jake as often as they can. You're always looking at who can ruin the game for you. Who's the problem. And he's the guy you have to be aware of. Anytime we can get some help, we'll get them. We're not going to change our scheme because of one guy.

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