VIDEO: Starks on Getting Comfortable

Nov. 5 -- True freshman running back Nate Starks says he's starting to feel more instinctual and cites the nurturing of Running Backs Coach Kennedy Polamalu and fellow running back Paul Perkins...

Nate Starks talked to the media Wednesday after practice.

On coming off the field against Arizona:
It was just a blow to the head, and I was a little dizzy. It's part of the game, and I went back in the game. Nothing too big.

On if he went through concussion protocol:
It wasn't that serious, I just had to get myself together.

On if he went back in:
Yeah, I went back in for a couple of snaps after that.

On if its a matter of opportunity:
I'm picking up the scheme. Everything at this level is opportunity and making the most of it. I know I'm not going to get every snap in every game. Its a great learning tool to get reps and hopefully I'll be an every down back in the future.

On the difference from his first snap:
Its a lot different from San Bernardino, my first experience at the D-I level. I'm spending a lot of time with Coach Polamalu and I have all faith in him I'll be the best player I can be. He really presses on being aggressive. If you're giving you're all every play, you can't go wrong. Our ability is what got us here in the first.

On how you prepare for less snaps:
Its a mindset and preparing to be in the game. Feeling confident that you're ready. We have competition all day every week so you have to be ready to go.

On if its a process of staying mentally ready:
It's not just during game days, you have to be ready during the week and that will take us to gameday.

On learning from Paul Perkins:
Paul was one of the first running backs I got close and talked with. He's a great leader and mentor through the game and I listen to everything he tells me. He's like my Coach P away from Coach P. He knows I'll be coming up and a great guy to have in front of me.

On competing with Perkins and still being helped:
That shows the guy that Paul is, he's real caring about his teammates and wants us to be great. We push each other on the practice field and he wants the best from everybody.

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