VIDEO: Jefferson on Versatility

NOV. 7 -- Senior defensive back Anthony Jefferson talked about playing different positions in the secondary, matching up against Washington, and the development of some of his teammates...

Anthony Jefferson answered questions from the media during Washington week.

On playing more corner:
We're just moving around. All of our secondary can mix and match. Its whatever the game plan is, matchup wise, that week.

On moving back and forth:
I love it. Im just having fun out there, making plays around the field. There are different kinds of plays you can make at each position.

On if he ever gets lost out there:
Nah, if I know beforehand on each drive, we never have any problems.

On shutting down Anu Solomon:
I think it started at the D-Line and the linebackers. The D-Line was doing great all game and getting pressure on him and the linebackers at the next level, were in position, getting the right drops so it made it easier for us.

On Fabian Moreau's improvement the last couple of weeks:
Fabian he's definitely stepped up a lot in my opinion and he's done a great job and that's a credit to how he practice.

On if the preseason expectations were weighing on Moreau:
I don't think so, I just think he had to catch his groove. It was his first year playing corner last year, and this is his second year, so he's still developing.

On Cyler Miles:
He's a really good quarterback. He throws a great ball and he makes plays in and out of the pocket. We have to make sure we keep him contain and be really sticky on the receivers.

On John Ross playing more cornerback:
Good for him.

On what Tahaan Goodman does to receivers:
He was an enforcer last week. I know when they came across the middle, they got big bug eyes and crocodile arms. That's just a credit to him in practice. He's been that physical player and has stepped up a lot and its shown on the field.

On how offenses are attacking the secondary:
Everyone has their different scheme. It just depends on what that is that week. They could do something completely different. They're trying to win the deep balls and its about what we have to do.

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