VIDEO: Goodman On Intimidation

NOV. 7 -- Safety Tahaan Goodman talked about his big hits, how they impact the game and potentially intimidate receivers...

Tahaan Goodman talked with the media during Washington week.

On his performance in the Arizona game:
That game was good. I felt like I played a lot better that game because I was more comfortable. Showing different things.

On why he was more comfortable:
The D-Line was getting good rushes, the linebackers were getting good depth and I felt like the team had my back and we were protected in a lot of areas.

On if there is more confidence in the secondary:
I feel like we've been working hard on our weaknesses. We showed that was bad in other games and since we've been doing that, we've been getting better every week.

On if he's reacting to what he says:
Yeah, I'm not thinking as much on the field and more reacting to the things happening and not having to think about his assignments.

On what the coaches told him earlier in the season:
They wanted to see me in coverages and movement. A lot of time watching quarterbacks and disguises and how long I can do them.

On playing safety against Shaq Thompson:
I could see us coming up and playing for the run, but I'm just going to play how they play when we see them. If they're passing it, we'll stop the passes, if they run it, we'll stop the run as much as we can.

On if developing a rep as a big hitter is making opposing offenses leery:
Hopefully. I hope they do. Just so I can get that message off and its harder for them.

On if his hit against Arizona was noticed:
I felt like there were a lot of dropped balls, I don't know if it were from me or not. But there were more dropped balls and it felt a little different on the field. A different momentum.

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