Newsome Visits UCLA

NOV. 6 -- The Aledo (Texas) receiver, Ryan Newsome, recaps his official visit to UCLA, the third official trip he's taken and his second visit to Westwood...

Aledo (Texas) receiver Ryan Newsome took his third official visit last weekend, visiting UCLA.

“It was a really good visit for me,” said Newsome. “I got to see a good friend of mine, Eldridge Massington, and talk a lot with Brett Hundley about why they picked UCLA.”

Newsome was hosted by Massington, a fellow Texan and spoke with the numerous other Texans on the Bruins roster.

“I spent time with Caleb Benenoch too, and guys like him from down here,” said Newsome.

The visit to Westwood was Newsome’s first since he took an unofficial trip during the summer.

“I went down there in the summer time on my own dime but this was cool to be down there again,” said Newsome. “Obviously, I hold them in high regards, that’s why I took the official visit there.”

The trip allowed Newsome the opportunity to talk with the Bruin coaches.

“I spent a lot of time with Coach (Jim) Mora, talking with him and Coach Yarbs (Eric Yarber) and Coach (Noel) Mazzone,” said Newsome. “They told me how much they need me and that I’m a high priority guy. They don’t have a lot of guys like me that can make a difference. UCLA is a good program with a good situation.”

Newsome saw the Bruins when they played Texas in Arlington and noted then that UCLA’s receivers don’t feature a player like him.

The Arizona game reiterated that to him.

“I really saw their need again for a receiver like me,” said Newsome. “It’s different when you see it on TV but I definitely say that in person.”

On the visit, Newsome spent time with fellow official visitor Josh Rosen, UCLA’s quarterback commit.

“It was good spending time with Josh,” said Newsome. “I call him a nerd because he’s such a smart guy. He spent the whole time telling me why to come to UCLA. He said he’d be happy wherever I go but he really pushes the Bruins hard.”

Newsome had visited Ole Miss and Tennessee previously and will visit Oklahoma.

Texas will get his fifth and final official visit either next month or in January.

“I’m going to Texas in late December or early January,” said Newsome. “I didn’t want to take it during the season because I know that Coach (Charlie) Strong wants to spend a lot of time with me. This weekend, I’m taking my fourth trip to Oklahoma and I’m looking forward to that one and being up there with Sterling Sheppard and Trevor Knight.”

Newsome said the visits have been valuable for him.

“The funny thing about visits is that they’re all great and schools roll out the red carpet and you have a great time,” said Newsome. “But you have to be very observant and look for the important things in a school.”

Newsome and Aledo will play their final regular season game tomorrow before starting the playoffs next weekend.

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