VIDEO: Mora Says Most Complete Win

NOV. 8 -- Coach Jim Mora talked about the offense, Brett Hundley's performance, and when asked about the meaning for him of beating his alma mater, he said, "I'm a Bruin."

Opening Statement:
We played a complete game, and that’s what you want to be doing in November. You want to be hitting your stride and playing your best football. I think from halftime of the Arizona game, we played our best football. We have to focus on continuing to build consistency, continuing to get better every single day in our preparation, and try to keep winning. Congratulations to Brett [Hundley] for breaking the record. I thought he played outstanding. It was great to have Troy Aikman here tonight. He’s doing the Seattle game tomorrow and he came out. I know Brett was aware that he was there. He’s one of the all-time greats not just at UCLA but in football in general, so to have him here was pretty special for us. It was a good win.

On Brett Hundley’s performance:
He played with great certainty. He looked extremely poised in the pocket. He stepped up and threw the ball well with accuracy. The protection was outstanding—I think there was only one sack where I thought the protection was the issue. He handed it off when he was supposed to hand it off, he ran it when he was supposed to run it, and when he ran it he ran hard and protected the ball. He practiced that way all week and he performed that way tonight.

On UW’s coverage of Thomas Duarte:
I think it has more to do with the coverage. Every play has progression that is predicated on the coverage that we see. So it’s more a function of the coverage that we were seeing than Thomas [Duarte]. But Thomas made that spectacular catch on the sideline when their guy almost intercepted it. That kept the drive alive, that was a great play

On preparations for USC in two weeks:
My mind isn’t there yet. I’m still just excited about winning this evening. I’m really excited about our players and the way they played, the way they feel about themselves, the way they showed some maturity for a young team. It’s fun to be around.

On if game plan changed because of Marcus Peters’ suspension:
We don’t really pay much attention to that kind of thing. You call plays and plays have progressions, but we didn’t change anything. He’s a good player, but it didn’t matter to us.

On returning to the University of Washington:
I was excited about the way the UCLA Bruins played. It was a game. I’m happy my family was here, but other than that I couldn’t care less. I’m happy we’re 8-2 and I’m excited for our players, but other than that it doesn’t matter to me.

On team’s offensive performance:
I thought it was really good. We ran the ball effectively. We were able to make the plays we needed to make. We were consistent. And I felt good about the defense too. I thought they played very well. They ran the ball better than we would have liked them to, but Shaq Thompson is a great player, and so we’ll get that fixed.

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