VIDEO: Jack on His Return Home

NOV. 8 -- The UCLA sophomore linebacker talked about his touchdown and returning to Seattle...

Myles Jack talks about the win at Washington.

On scoring a touchdown at Washington:
Its a good feeling, scoring a touchdown where I went to high school. That was a good feeling. It was weird because I thought I stepped out of bounds, but I was in, so that was good.

On being booed:
I heard it, I was like 'that's not a good feeling.' I guess that's a little payback for my actions in previous years.

On the refs not signaling a touchdown:
I was like, I had the ball, and I was looking at them and was like 'are you guys going to call a touchdown or should I get ready for the next play' and they were just looking at each other. I was standing there for 10 seconds waiting awkwardly for a signal. Finally one of the refs called it.

On if he expected that kind of reaction from the fans:
Yes and no. Its part of the game. They have their guy they're rooting for and their team, they're not rooting for us by any means. Boos are part of the game.

On if the boos got quieter:
You kind of tune that stuff out. Once you hear it for the first time, you're like 'ok'. I'm focused on the game and not the crowd.

On if the game meant anything more to him:
It was fun playing in front of my mom, coming here and playing in front of her. And then having people who watched me in high school, growing up, and getting to see me play on the next level, that was an awesome feeling.

On the touchdown run:
Honestly, I was kind of shell shocked when it happened. I remember a stiff arm and then my momentum got thrown and then somebody came to tackle me and I spun and then I kind of tightroped the sideline and it was just that awkward moment where I didn't get a signal and was waiting for if it was a touchdown. I just kind of bounced it. My line blocked for me, the receivers blocked for me. It was a team effort.

On getting a big run:
It was cool getting a more respectable run. It was our offensive line and making the plays from that then using my athleticism and making guys miss. You have to make guys miss and luckily I did and it ended up in a touchdown. It was nice getting something over a yard. It was a cool run.

On if he knew it was his high school teammate Budda Baker he stiffarmed:
Was it? I didn't know that.

On which side he has more fun:
I have a blast either way. Just playing the game and having fun. Offense is really fun. Asking Brett what the play is and playing schoolyard ball.

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