VIDEO: Hundley Talks Win, TD Record

NOV. 8 -- The UCLA quarterback talked about the win over Washington and breaking Cade McNown's record...

Brett Hundley talks after the win over Washington.

On the first half:
I think we moved really efficiently, got the ball out, ran the ball, threw the ball, had some fun.

On if he knew they'd be going downfield:
The defense gave us that. We just got the chance to throw the ball around. Obviously Kenny and all the receivers were getting open, so it worked out for us.

On not having to run:
Guys were open and our O-Line did a great job tonight. The gameplan was to get it out of their hands and let the receivers work.

On having Thomas Duarte back:
It was huge. He's a big asset to this offense and when we get him back in the game, it opens a lot of things.

On if the offense ran as smooth as it has:
I think the offense worked really well and when we needed to score, we scored and put up some numbers tonight.

On what Washington's defense was doing:
They were playing two safeties high and the linebackers were chasing underneath stuff. In man coverage, they were leaving the middle open. We were taking what they were giving.

On what it means being 6-0 on the road:
Its huge. I think its just resilience from this team. We've been in some tough battles on the road, and now we finish the regular season 6-0 on the road.

On breaking Cade McNown's career touchdown record:
Its a blessing. Its a blessing and an honor. To do it in three years is an even bigger thing. I'm just happy for the receivers. This year, last year, Joe Fauria, it's an honor.

On Devin Lucien's touchdown being called off:
I didn't think that was a PI to be honest. I thought he just jumped over. Devin had a great catch on that one.

On if the confidence is building:
Just to play our best games in November is huge for us. To put a game like this together offensively, defensively and special teams it just goes with what we're trying to do, finish the season strong and keep winning.

On Myles Jack's touchdown run:
It was great. It helped us a lot.

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