VIDEO: Walker Talks About TD

NOV. 8 -- The UCLA sophomore receiver talked about his touchdown in the first quarter...

Kenny Walker talks about the win over Washington.

On his touchdown catch:
Its just another add on to the season. It felt great. The O-Line did good and Brett just threw the ball and I got open.

On if there was a defensive miscommunication:
I don't know, I don't really talk bad about other teams. They probably blew the coverage. It was cover four, and that's what I'm supposed to do, run a post. So I did and I just got really open.

On bobbling the ball before catching:
Yeah, there was a little of a bobble. He threw it in the middle of the field so I had to readjust to it and catch the ball a little different so thats why it was a bobble. I was surprised, it all worked well and I got the touchdown and broke the record for Brett. That was the good part of it when he told me about it.

On his catch to touchdown rate:
He already messed it up when he threw me the snag route. I was made when he did it. I was supposed to catch another post touchdown but I got pass interference so it messed up everything.

On knowing Washington would start three true freshman in the secondary:
Yeah, I just knew it was going to be hell. As soon as he got kicked off the team, it's not a good look, but its a good look for us.

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