VIDEO: Yarber on His Receivers

NOV. 9 -- The UCLA receivers coach talked about the performance of his receivers against Washington...

Eric Yarber talks about his receivers against Washington.

On how his receivers played:
Without looking at the film, I thought they had a pretty productive day. What I'm most proud of is how they performed on the perimeter, blocking for key screens and the run game.

On how much Thomas Duarte's return helped:
Big time. Thomas is a nice little outlet for Brett, a nice comfort zone for him. Seeing him gave us confidence and helped the receiver group.

On Duarte's tipped catch:
That was all coaching. Nah, that was just determination and concentration. He followed the ball. And if he wouldn't have caught it, Mossi Johnson would have.

On Kenny Walker's performance:
Before the game, one thing he said was 'Coach Yarbs, this is the most prepared for a game I've been. I'm not even nervous.' I said 'you're not even nervous?' and he said 'no.' So that was all I needed to hear.

On Walker's dropped passes earlier in the year:
Any time a receiver's dropped passes, if you're not a veteran receiver and mentally tough, it can weigh on you. One thing Kenny and I talked about was dealing with the process, going through practices, preparing like you're the starter. Every play that you have the opportunity to make, make. That will give you more confidence.

On what he said to Devin Lucien after the questionable OPI:
That's exactly what I said to Devin, I said 'Devin, keep your head up man. That wasn't in my opinion a real good call. I said don't let that get you down.' You know how Devin wears everything on his shoulder, I didn't want him to get down or lack confidence because that wasn't his fault.

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