VIDEO: Jack on Monday

Nov. 10 -- Linebacker Myles Jack talks about his long, crazy touchdown run against Washington...

Myles Jack talks on Monday:

On his touchdown against Washington:
It was supposed to go inside, but I just bounced it and made a move and then stiff armed a guy and my momentum made me spin and he hit me and I kind of used it and spun off it and luckily I tightroped the sidelines and stayed in bounds.

On it being Budda Baker he stiff armed:
Yeah, I know it. I hung out with him after the game. It was cool because he's pretty much like a brother to me. We did everything in high school today. He'll always be family to me. Its the way it goes, its part of the game.

On how many times he's watched the play:
My mom forced me to watch it with her on the news, so I sat down and watched it with her. And then I was sitting with Budda and my brother pulled it up and laughed at Budda. It was all laughs.

On the focus this week with a bye:
Its good to have a bye week so we can focus on ourselves. Take a week off for our bodies to relax and figure out our flaws and figure out where we can get better.

On having a bye at this point in the season:
It's the way it goes. I appreciate a bye week later in the season. Its nice to have a breath towards the ends. You get to the last two big games of the season.

On if the coaches have made it clear to not focus on USC yet:
Yeah, we're not focusing on them at all this week, we're focusing on ourselves. Fine tuning things and getting them where they should be.

On if USC is still on the back of their mind:
Obviously, they're always going to be on the back of our minds. We focus on ourselves. This whole week will be about ourselves. We haven't even mentioned them in our meeting rooms.

On what made him grasp the significance of the USC game being from Washington:
I didn't really get it. We have meetings and the whole week is geared towards USC, but I didn't really get it until pregame when everybody was about to fight. It was kind of serious. When I saw guys who never get mad, get mad, I understood what the rivalry was all about.

On the defense:
There are some things we need to fine tune. We weren't really satisfied with our performance against Washington. There were some drives they drove on us, we held them to field goals, but at the same time, we should have put out the flame when they were driving on us. I feel like we played good but could have played better.

On the pressure from the defensive line:
Its definitely nice having those guys get off. When you're in coverage and you turn around and the quarterback is running in circles and gets tackled, that's definitely nice.

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