VIDEO: Hundley Talks O-Line

Nov. 10 -- Quarterback Brett Hundley talks about the improvement of the offensive line over the last few weeks...

Brett Hundley talks during the bye week:

On breaking Cade McNown's touchdown record:
Its an honor and a blessing. Just from all the hard work that was put in, it's not just about me throwing the touchdowns, its about the receivers and o-line blocking and those who helped me to that point. Its a testament to the team. It says a lot for the past three years for what we've been able to accomplish. To sling the ball around like that and get some records has been some fun.

On the comfort with the offensive line:
They've played so great. With Jake leading them and Conor getting there and Redmond and Malcolm running around, they've played and done such a great job. Caleb and Scott, they've done such a great job. Credit to them, I think our offense has done some great things and it doesn't start without the offensive line.

On not focusing on USC this week:
We'll focus on them but right now we're going to focus on everything we need to personally. We'll start.

On having Thomas Duarte back:
Its huge. With TD back, it creates another element to our offense and helps us spread the ball out more, everyone was getting touches. And Mossi was in there at the Y getting some touches. Its just two different types of Ys, gives us other looks.

On showing that he could still stretch the field:
I think the past few weeks you've seen a lot of teams drop everybody. Its good to show we can sling it around if we want to. If a team wants to stop the run, we can always go downfield.

On if defenses will have to adjust:
Pick your poison, if you want to try and stop the run and load the box, we'll throw it up top, but if you want to drop deep, we'll run.

On getting fresh but keeping the edge:
Its just really understanding your body. As we've built momentum and keeping that and being healthy, we still have two big games and we'll see where everything goes.

On if they'd prefer a bye or to play this weekend:
I think its coming at a good time. There are nicks and bruises everywhere. To get us healthy at this point in the season will help us a lot.

On the leather strong on his facemask:
Its a leather strap that signals toughness. Its durable in all conditions. I've worn too because we give out awards. And to have two of them is a big thing.

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