VIDEO: Kendricks on Defense

Nov. 13 -- Linebacker Eric Kendricks talks about the improvements the defense has made in recent weeks...

Eric Kendricks talks about the defense:

On the bye week:
Its perfect timing. After that win, its awesome to get that week to get back to fundamentals, learn where we made mistakes, fix them in this bye week and recuperate the body a little.

On the defense against Washington:
We did some good things but we still made some mistakes. People trying to get too aggressive towards a play. But for the most part, we did alright.

On if they were some similar mistakes:
Yeah, some fundamental errors. We just have to eliminate and continue to do so.

On playing well late in the season:
I think its because we're resilient and we have the mindset heading into the end of the season, when we win games we have confidence. Right now we're on a roll and our mindset is high.

On if the mindset alters before a game like USC:
It shouldn't. This is our rival. Our mindset should be high. Everyone should be excited to play and be ready for this challenge.

On finishing with two games at home:
Its awesome. I would rather finish my career at the Rose Bowl.

On having a bye and your next opponent not:
We're worried about us, we're not worried about them. Its an advantage for us, but at the same time, we have to do what we have to do and they have to do what they have to do. Its about preparation.

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