VIDEO: Jefferson on Secondary

Nov. 12 -- Anthony Jefferson talks about his upcoming final game against USC and Fabian Moreau's improvement at cornerback...

Anthony Jefferson talks about the secondary:

On the defense has played the last few games:
Everyone is honing in on their assignments and techniques. And trust, you have to trust the guy next to you. Thats how we make plays on defense.

On what they're focusing on in the bye week:
We're focusing on us right now and making sure we hone in on the fundamentals and making sure we're crisp on our technique and assignments.

On trusting the defense:
Gradually you learn. Its a process and I think we're honing in to it the last stretch of our season and playing really well.

On what it meant for Fabian Moreau to get an interception:
I was really proud for him. We talk about that a lot. Most of the time you get your picks on tips and overthrows and he got one. I was proud of him. It was good for him.

On his last USC game:
I think its awesome we have that game next. Right now, we're not focusing too much on them. Its a bye week and we'll prepare for them next week. Its always a big game but its another game in our eyes. I know a few of those guys, George Farmer.

On if they would rather play and keep the momentum going:
It doesn't really matter. This is a great time for us to get our bodies right and get some rest and see what happens in the college world. Its a good thing, I can't complain about it.

On rooting for Oregon State this weekend:
Go ahead. Hopefully someone can get it done.

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