VIDEO: Mora on Tuesday

Nov. 11 -- Jim Mora talks about Isaako Savaiinaea playing some fullback and how the defensive line has developed...

Opening statement:
It was a good practice, focusing on our stuff. That's what we'll do this week.

On how they build on their momentum:
Just come out, have good practices, good meetings, stay focused.

On the defensive line:
Our pass rush has improved. They've played well against the run all year. There are two phases of it. Eddie and Kenny Clark have been dominant all year. It's nice to see Owa and Deon really show up, and Tak, the pass rush. I've really felt it the last four weeks. And those fourth quarter sacks make a big difference.

On if they've noticed the difference from moving Owa inside:
We only do it once in a while. Either way, a lot of Owa's plays have come from outside lately. Its a way to get Tak on the field. And now he's starting to settle in and play. And Owa is playing with a little more, he's playing violent and cutting it loose more. Its impressive to watch what he's doing.

On Kenny Young:
He's getting more snaps. And when he gets more snaps, he gets better. He's a good football player. When we're in nickel, he's Eric Kendricks' backup, and its hard to take Eric Kendricks off the field. But when we're in our base stuff, he plays and he plays well. I think he had 25 defensive snaps the other night and he played well. Its about getting him snaps.

On if Young had faded earlier in the season:
He didn't fade, it's all about snaps and he didn't get any snaps. He's not the starter in nickel, he's the starter in base, but we didn't play a lot of teams that kept us in base.

On Isaac Savaiianaea playing fullback:
Ten snaps and he did really well. He did it the week before and he's a natural. He can bend and he can move laterally pretty well. He played some running back in high school. We'll continue to look at him there. He actually played more snaps on offense than defense. Its a natural position for him. We're not going to move him there, but he's another two way player. He's a guy that would be willing to do anything. 'What can I do to help?' He's been playing some defensive end a little bit. We brought up the idea of fullback and then he's playing special teams.

On balancing Paul Perkins' snaps:
I think Kennedy does a really nice job of getting Nate in there and getting Jordon in there and then give Myles a few snaps a game. Paul takes good care of his body and he hasn't shown any indication of wearing down at all. Even on a Tuesday, he comes bouncing back. I guess that's the nice thing about being 19 or 20.

On Nate Starks:
He's going to be fine.

On the impact of Kennedy Polamalu:
Kennedy is a tough, hard-nosed, no nonsense but very compassionate coach and he draws the best out of them. Probably the thing for me that is the most noticeable is that they pass protect. They really have become good pass protectors. There is an art to that and a toughness to that and he's brought both of those things out of it.

On which is harder to develop:
If you're not innately tough, it's going to be tough to block a blitzing linebacker. Everyone at times, defensive ends, are blocked by the running back. You better be innately tough. He demands that and brings it out of them. The technical part you can learn and he does a great job of both.

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