VIDEO: Payton on Bye Week

Nov. 12 -- Wide receiver Jordan Payton talks about Devin Lucien's pass interference on Saturday and the bye week...

Jordan Payton on the bye week:

On what's different with the downfield passing game:
We just played football. We kept running and hitting the passes, brought everyone up, then we could go deep. I thought it was our most complete game yet. We looked extremely good on both sides of the ball and it was a great win for us.

On getting held on a catch:
Yeah, they called a pass interference. But its a credit to how hard we work out here. The techniques that Coach Yarber has taught us. Its hard because we're big receivers, because when we're physical, we get more holding calls. But another win is great for us.

On if they're turning a corner:
I for sure think that. I think right now we're playing our best football and hitting on all cylinders. Even today in bye week practice, we looked good on offense and defense and that feels good. Our next game is big. We'll get healthy and get back at it.

On coming back from back-to-back losses:
We kept battling. Everyone saw that. We fought through mental mistakes and it's benefited us the last two weeks.

On if he was disappointed for Devin Lucien on the phantom offensive pass interference:
Yeah. I think it may have been my fault too, because earlier in the game, the guy said I had to stop pushing off and I said 'it's not my fault, I'm 215 pounds, anything you do looks like I'm pushing you.' He may have just wanted to call that all night. It was a touchdown. It may not go in to the record book, but it was a touchdown. I feel bad for him.

On no penalties in the first half:
We took it upon ourselves. I don't think anyone else can take it. The coaches can't help you. They can teach you the right things, but we took those techniques on the field. Hopefully that translates to our next 2, 3 games, 4 maybe. We just have to keep going.

On when they'll start focusing on USC:
Today we did some generic stuff. All of us have started looking at the film and getting a head start. I know the receivers will look at it today. The quarterbacks have already looked at it. It builds up for the week. Sunday, we'll start game planning. But that won't be until later on.

On USC's defense:
They're always athletic and aggressive and good football players. I saw some games. Like a lot of teams we play, very similar defenses. We're excited. Its always fun to play your crosstown rivals.

On their effectiveness in the red zone:
I think its the want to. We work a lot of it over here. When you put a lot of time in to something and want to do it, the outcome is pretty good. That's our outcome. We just want to get in the end zone, so we at all costs, try to get in.

On how important Hundley is running in the red zone:
He can throw it, he can run it, he can throw it while he's running it. When you have those many options, it's pretty hard to stop him.

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