VIDEO: McClure on D-Line

Nov. 12 -- Defensive line coach Angus McClure talks about Takkarist McKinley's development and how Owa has come on...

On the week so far:
Its been a great week of preparation for our young guys. We got a ton of reps today. It was great to see Ainuu out there getting some reps at nose. Jacob was playing defensive end and Matt Dickersom was playing the three-tech. This was great for building up on the fundamentals and getting them involved with our defense. Its been a great week for them. Our older and veteran guys are working on their techniques, improve on their pass rush and getting better overall and healthy.

On moving Owa around:
Owa's very versatile, he always has been. We feel comfortable lining him up anywhere. He's a force inside. As athletic as he is, being 260 pounds, great get up, matching him up against a guard, is great for the Bruins. That's been a great addition being able to do that this season.

On if that's helped him come on:
Anytime you can take an athlete like Owa and take matchups we want, that will help us. He's athletic enough that we can help him anywhere. We have multiple guys so you have to scout Owa.

On Takk McKinley:
He's really come on and he's really getting comfortable and doing an excellent job in his assignments. He's been spot on. He just looks comfortable out there. The more he can do, the more comfortable he gets, the more we're going to give him. That's what you're seeing. He's come along way in eight weeks. He's getting to the quarterback a lot. In eight weeks, this would still be the first quarter of the season, talking training camp and the first month of the season. He's in great shape, coming from Contra Costa College and he's certainly had some great coaching up there. He came in and he's very steady in his pressure.

On if there were some limitations with him:
Without a doubt, we were 1/3 through the season and he was day one San Bernardino. We need to be careful not to overload him. The learning curve was huge for him. The last thing you want to do is overload with ton of information so he's confused. He's here for the long haul. We have him a couple more years.

On what was the toughest concepts for him to grasp:
The technique, its a little different style than what he had at junior college. The alignments, there are different ways to teach different things. His footwork, hand placement, eyes. From there, build him up. We had his eyes on certain pressures, what back to key, it was a process for him to learn.

On USC's Buck Allen:
We're in bye week, so we're not getting prepared for our next opponent.

On playing USC next week:
I believe so, yes. Southern California, yes.

On another weapon allowing the defensive line to flourish:
We're a young group. Owa is the only senior, our only junior is Ellis. We're a very young group, all freshman and sophomores and redshirt sophomores. It does take time. Then you're seeing a different offense, new adjustments and new schemes. Getting Tak allowed us to move Owa inside and I think you're seeing it come along.

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