VIDEO: Perkins on Durability

Nov. 13 -- Running back Paul Perkins talks about the wear and tear players experience at this point of the season...

Paul Perkins talks about durability:

On the difference in his game since Kennedy Polamalu's arrival:
He's helped all the running backs out tremendously. He's really helping us understand the offense better, run through and improve our running style.

On where he's noticed it the most:
He's just helped me mature a little better. Its a couple times, watching film, getting in to his head, understanding defenses.

On how he feels physically after more carries:
Its good to have a bye. Its a long season. I'm just happy we're in spiders.

On if he feels it at the end of games:
Yeah, we get tired, legs are getting tired.

On pass blocking:
Its really emphasized, if you can't pass block, you can't play in the NFL and thats one of my dreams.

On how things are different from the back-to-back losses:
We're motivated and have a clear goal, we need to win out to get to the Pac-12 Championship.

On being able to handle the load:
It comes with time. I'm just ready for the challenge.

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