VIDEO: Mazzone on Young Talent

NOV. 12 -- Offensive Coordinator Noel Mazzone talked about the bye week, and younger players emerging and the dimensions they provide the offense...

On the approach to practice during a bye week:
Nah, we have to do the same thing every day. The kids come out and work hard. It does give you a chance to come out and work on fundamental things and things you need to improve on from previous weeks, but guys work hard.

On Isaako Savaiinaea at fullback:
I liked him there. We might put him there a couple more times. I like that other guy in there, No. 30. I like him back there too. Imagine what kind of offensive guards Kenny Clark and Eddie Vanderdoes would be.

On leading in red zone efficiency:
What's happened, we've improved on the outside, they have to respect us out there which gives Brett opportunities. Brett is a weapon with his legs, which he's shown since he's been here and I think that's been good with him taking the advantage of the situation.

On getting another running back in the rotation:
Yeah, probably. Talk to KP about that. I just call plays. I don't know who's in there half the time. The only time I notice someone in there is when they screw up. 'What's he doing in there?'

On the running backs under Polamalu:
I tell you, to me, where I've seen the work they've put in is in their protection, their pass protection. From the first couple games to know, it's been so much improved. KP instills that. Running with their pad level. Paul's got a few yards, he's rushed for a few. JJ has done a good job, and Nate Starks. Its been a good group.

On if that's contributed to sacks dropping:
No doubt. Its a hard duty for the offensive line. Especially when they pressure you with that sixth guy, the running back becomes very important.

On spreading the ball to the receivers:
I don't think it was a conscious effort, it was how the gameplan falls. Brett has done a nice job moving through his progressions better, which conversely, protection is better. Everything feeds off each other and helps each other.

On the offensive line against Washington:
They did good. I think as a group, that was probably their best game this year.

On Kenny Walker and Mossi Johnson's speed:
The old Bill Bellichek line, don't think plays, think players. This is Kenny Walker's first year really getting playing time, and Mossi Johnson's first year. They start showing up a little more.

On what he's seen from Kenny Walker:
Confidence, and he's starting to get the game a little bit. He's always had the speed factor. It takes other tangibles than speed. He's gaining confidence in his ability.

On a new toughness with the running backs:
If you're not tough, you can't be a pass protector. There is no place to hide. Its you and that guy. If you're not tough, you're not going to have success. You've seen that show its face. And then the ability for our guys to get the tough yards.

On having Thomas Duarte:
Its nice having him and Mossi. Its hard for our receivers to play the whole game.

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