VIDEO: Ulbrich on Defense's Development

NOV. 14 -- Defensive Coordinator Jeff Ulbrich talked about the bye week and some players emerging late in the season...

On what they work on in a bye week:
Its been awesome for us, as opposed to a normal week when you're game planning and focused on an opposing offense, it gives us the opportunity to self scout, what have we done well, what have we not done well. Focus on that. We haven't looked at our opponents film. Basically look at the weaknesses of the last ten weeks.

On how Kenny Young has come along:
Every time he goes on the field, he does exactly what he's supposed to do. He's got that innate sense to get to the ball and when he gets there, he's a great tackler. For a young guy, he's extremely mature. On virtually any other team in the Pac-12, he's starting. He starts in our 3-4 stuff and Okie stuff and then in the nickel, he backs up EK. He's that caliber of guy. As we know, Eric Kendricks is pretty special in his own right. We continue to try to find him opportunities and more packages. He's a guy we have to have on the field, he makes us better.

On if he'll slot in for Kendricks next year:
That is the plan today. A lot goes in to that, injuries, guys emerge, recruiting, a lot of different things come in to play.

On what kind of pro prospects Eric Kendricks has:
If I were drafting, I would take that kid as early as I could take him. I really could. He's the reason I wanted to coach. He's humble, he's hard-working. He's a great teammate. He's a great leader. He's obviously a phenomenal athlete, extremely instinctual. He's got a lot of versatility too. That's a lot of feedback I've gotten from GMs. He can play Mike at the next level but also play the Will spot. You want him on your team. You really do.

On Kendricks in coverage:
He's an amazing athlete. In space, that's a big part of it. This year, he's really focused on his technique and assignment. In the past it was get to the ball, and find the open receiver, he's starting to really refine his game and gain the maturity he'll have to succeed at the next level.

On facing bigger backs:
Those are really good running backs, three guys who will play on Sunday's. It will come down to tackling and fundamentals. Hopefully that will help us.

On Tak McKinley:
I don't know what it is. I heard it was a minor thing but he'll be ready for game time. But I don't know what his status is.

On how McKinley gets things:
We eased him in there and gave him a package. He's got more experienced, he's learned more and he's gotten on the grass more. That's made a difference in our defense.

On Fabian Moreau:
As we all know, that position, so much is asked of them. And for him to regain some condfidence and play at a high level when we need him to, in November, its great for our defense.

On the improvement of the defense:
They're gaining a better understanding of what we're doing. At the same time, I think we're finding out what our guys do well and playing to their strengths more and that's given us more diversity in what we're doing.

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