VIDEO: Redmond on Being Starter Again

NOV. 14 -- Sophomore guard Alex Redmond talked about the difference in the offensive line from the beginning of the season to now...

Alex Redmond talked to the media during the bye week.

On the haircut:
I shaved it. I just got a haircut.

On returning against Washington as a starter:
It felt good. I like playing football and it was tough not playing.

On what set him back:
I don't feel like anything set me back, I just came to practice each and every day. I don't feel like I had any setbacks.

On if he was 100% for Washington:
I was 100% throughout, I got stronger and stronger as the game went on.

On the offensive line since he's returned:
We're really clicking as a unit and buying in to what Coach Klemm is teaching. We're getting on secondary really well.

On if he was stepping back in to a competition on his return:
I feel like each day is a competition and we had to come out here and compete. Nothing is guaranteed, nothing is given to us, nothing is taken.

On playing next to Conor McDermott:
Next man up, he came in and played well. It was my first time playing next to him and it was fun. He's a good friend of mine.

On if it helps playing next to a friend:
Yeah, the communication is quicker when you get off, there is no bickering.

On if he thought he'd be out as long as he was:
I wasn't sure, I was taking it day by day. I didn't want to be out the long. But I couldn't tell.

On if there is a mindset established on the offensive line of having to win your job:
Its pretty much whatever you've done lately, like life in general. If you're coming in and succeeding, then they're not going to take that away from you, so you have to compete every day.

On if he appreciates that standard:
I like it because it gives me more opportunity and keeps me accountable to my teammates.

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