VIDEO: Alford after Season Opener

Nov. 15 -- Head coach Steve Alford talks about the explosive offensive effort for the Bruins against Montana State...

Opening statment:
I’m pleased with our guys’ effort. I thought we played really well in the scrimmage and we really carried that forward into tonight. We were very explosive. I loved how the ball moved for an opener. We had 25 assists in the game; we shot 57, almost 58 percent and the points, to get over 50 in both halves in an opener. I just thought we did a lot of good things.

On the play of the bench:
The starters got us going and I thought we got a lot of good production from our bench. Our bench came in and matured and grew up a little bit tonight, that was good to see. We’re going to need to continue to see that develop, but for an opener, I don’t know if I could have asked for more. Our guys did a lot of good things throughout the night.

On Kevon Looney:
Well, he just gets fouled. He’s done it one exhibition game, one scrimmage and now in the opener. He’s leading us at the free-throw line by a lot right now as far as attempts; he’s got a knack for that. He rebounds the basketball, he runs in transition and he’s always in the right spot at the right time. He’s just a guy that we all really enjoy watching as he continues to develop. He makes a three, so he’s getting that inside-outside game going. You shoot that many free-throws, you’re doing an awful lot of work.

On Bryce Alford:
He has incredible confidence in the ability to run a team. Last year was great for him to be able to play on a team that he got to play on and come off the bench and give us a spark. Now, that role is changing to where he’s the guy that has to lead and do a lot of things. I thought he was terrific. He moved the ball. He made guys better and I think that’s what really good players can do. Not only did he have 12 assists, but I’d say eight or nine of those were assists to wide open shots. There’s even a difference in assist when you can create offense for a teammate and do it easy. He knocked down shots. He’s been shooting at a really high level in practice.

On Bryce's decision making:
I thought his decision making was really good and it’s the first time in his college career that he had to deal with foul trouble. I thought he did a really good job of managing that, especially in the first half. That’s a good sign because we need him on the floor.

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