VIDEO: Players after Win

Nov. 15 -- Bryce Alford, Norman Powell, and Kevon Looney talk about the first win of the season over Montana State...

Bryce Alford and Norman Powell:

Norman Powell:
On the opener:
It just felt like we had to get settled tonight. It was the first game and we had the jitters. It took us a while to get started. We got going in transition and that really got us going in the game.

On the freshman:
Kevon is going to be really good. He’s long and gets great rebounds. Thomas is a spot up shooter from 17 feet and in. He hits a lot of shots. He’s going to be a great player.

On the transition game:
Talking and helping was much better than our exhibition game. Once we really talked and trusted in each other, we were able to get going in transition.

Bryce Alford
On the win:
It was a good start to the season. Isaac [Hamilton] did a great job running point. He’s just as capable as I am.

On early foul trouble:
We went to a 2-3 zone to eliminate me getting that third foul. I have to be smarter and not get those early fouls. I just have to make sure I play a smarter game.

On his playing time as a freshman:
Getting to the Sweet 16 last season really helped me. That experience of playing that first year really was good for me. Kyle [Anderson] really took me under his wing last season and helped me. That first year experience really helped my game.

Kevon Looney:

Kevon Looney:
On his debut:
I did pretty well tonight. I got off to a rough start. After I got subbed out, the game came much better for me. I really have to work on my free throws. I still had some jitters this game.

On the frontcourt play:
When Thomas got his first dunk, I think that got his game going. We got our legs underneath us and that helps us out with our game.

On just missing 10 rebounds:
That was my goal, to get 10 rebounds per night. Tony and I always challenge each other about who’ll get the most rebounds.

On the three guards:
Playing with three guards has really helped my game. It’s given me opportunities to hit open mid-range and 3 point shots. Also, the game is much faster than in high school, so that’s been a transition for me.

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