VIDEO: Owa on DL Wrinkles

NOV. 15 -- Senior defensive end Owamagbe Odighizuwa talked about some different things the UCLA defensive line is doing...

Owamagbe Odighizuwa talked to the media this week.

On Tak McKinley's addition to the defensive line:
It gave us a lot, more versatility, and it's paid off for us down the stretch.

On what he's had to tell him about the defense:
I haven't had to say much. He's a motivated person and came in with that mindset. Its kind of cool to have a guy like that who came in late in the season with that mentality. It helps a lot.

On the difference from moving inside:
Its increased a lot. If we need a faster guy to get off the quarterback, you have us in there. It gives us a lot more options.

On holding up and improving as the season has gone on:
Its me and my desire to get better every week, using more moves, getting off the ball quicker. Being banged up effects that, btu the way they take care of us helps us a lot. Getting better as the season progresses.

On playing more violently this season:
Yeah, you can see it on film. I'm a lot more violent. I haven't really been paying attention to that or using those words to describe my play, but everybody is really happy.

On how his role changed by moving inside:
I mean, from the interior, I would say its not much different. You have to get off the ball. The guards are less athletic. It's kind of what I did in 2012, playing in our nickel package. This year it's not super often we do it.

On being 11th in the college football rankings:
Honestly, to be real, our team is not focused on that. Our primary objective is to keep winning games. We wanted to be undefeated and that would have taken care of everything, but we have two losses so you put your eyes back down. I think at the end of the season if we take care of business, I think the playoffs will work in our playoffs.

On Arizona State:
What they do will help or not help us. We're just worried about winning the next two games.


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