Meadors on UCLA Offer, BSU Visit

NOV. 16 -- San Bernardino (Calif) San Gorgonio athlete Nathan Meadors took his first official visit of the year this past weekend when he checked out Boise State, and also received an offer from a favorite, UCLA...

Nathan Meadors had certain expectations prior to his visit to Boise State over the weekend but said the trip far exceeded them.

"It was completely different than I expected," Meadors said."I had this vision of kind of being in the county with a lot of potatoes everywhere. It was great though, it's a lot more like where I'm from than I expected and I loved the whole community and the support the football program gets.

"Everyone was so welcoming and really took me in. The players and coaches treated me like I was part of the family already. It's really hard to describe but you have to experience Boise in order to truly understand what a great place it is. The school itself is beautiful and I love the upgrades they're doing with the stadium and the football complex."

Meadors said the game atmosphere stood out for him as well.

"It was 9 degrees at kickoff but the place was still packed and the fans were going crazy," Meadors said. "That showed me a lot, to get that kind of support when it was that cold shows how passionate the people are there. It was cold, I'm not going to lie, it took some getting used to that but I can definitely see myself at Boise State, just because of how great the staff and players were.

"I spent a lot of time with Coach Brown, the DB coach, or Coach Juice as we called him. I was also with Antwon Murray, the recruiting director there and of course talked with Coach Harsin as well. My host was Donte Deayon, one of the corners there and he was real cool. Like I said, all the guys on the team really took me in and the trip could't have gone any better."

While sitting in the airport to fly back home, Meadors received some big news.

"I talked with UCLA and they offered me," Meadors said. "I talked with Coach Martin and he told me they liked me a lot and have wanted to offer me. He didn't pressure me to commit or anything but just said to take everything in and enjoy the recruiting process. UCLA is my dream offer so it's a pretty big deal for me. Coming right off the visit to Boise State, my head is kind of swirling now.

"I'm just going to sit back and weigh my options. I'm not in any hurry to make a decision but it's possible I could do something soon as well. I don't have any other visits set up but I'll be at the UCLA-USC game this weekend of course. That should be fun and now that I have an offer from UCLA, it kind of means more watching them play because I know I have the option of playing for them next year if I make that choice."

Check out mid-season highlights of Meadors below

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