VIDEO: Alford after Coastal Carolina

Nov. 16 -- Head coach Steve Alford talks about the struggles in the first half an what improved int he second half...

Opening statement:
Really happy with this win. We were very concerned with it. Our staff kind of compared it to Drexel in last year’s opener. Drexel I think would have had a really good year had they not suffered a lot of injuries after our game. That was a hard-fought one for us. This is kind of the same team, a lot of veterans, a lot of experience. [Coastal Carolina] won their league, won their league tournament and got into the NCAA Tournament. This will be a team that, if they stay healthy, will win their league again this year. We had a lot of concerns for our team coming into this game, and we had a little bit of adversity in the first half offensively. We had some more adversity defensively in the second half. I think that’s good for a young team to see how we handle it. I was very pleased with how we handled it. We had good balance again; five guys in double figures, two guys with double-doubles. We took care of the ball again, another low turnover game.

On Coastal Carolina:
You see Coastal Carolina, that’s the sign of a good team, a veteran team; they can come on the road and turn the ball over 10 times. This is a really good win for us. May not look like it right now, but I know we’re going to look at this as we move on as a really good win because this team is scary, and I like what we did.

On the lack of transition points:
We scored 84. I can’t imagine we scored all 84 in the half-court. As I look back at the game, I can’t imagine we didn’t have anything in transition. Obviously not like the first game; we’re not going to average 113 points, we know that. On a night where we shot 43 percent, but we got to the free-throw line, where we were 22 out of 26. I didn’t think the offense flowed as well tonight, but I think [Coastal Carolina] defensively, they’re veterans, they get it, they’ve been doing it longer. Getting over 50 in the first half against this team; this is three out of four halves now where we’ve been over 50 points. I just thought it was a tough first half for us defensively, but they had a lot to do with that.

On going inside more in the second half:
Well we wanted to do that in both halves. We did it in the first half, but I thought we missed a lot of easy ones. Not just bigs. I thought our bigs missed some layups, and our guards missed some easy looks. I wasn’t so upset with the start of the game. I thought 10 minutes in, our offense was looking pretty good, and we just didn’t make shots. We didn’t finish inside, we didn’t make jump shots. I thought that affected us on who we were offensively. We kind of stood around, and we didn’t keep the ball moving. I told the guys in timeouts, we just have to keep doing what we’re doing. We got very slow and methodical in the last 10 minutes of that first half. That’s what our talk was at halftime. We have to get people moving, get the ball moving, more pace and tempo, and I thought we did that in the second half.

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