VIDEO: Players after Victory

Nov. 17 -- Kevon Looney, Tony Parker, and Isaac Hamilton talk after the 84-71 win over Coastal Carolina on Sunday...

Kevon Looney:

Kevon Looney:
On being more comfortable in his second game:
I’ve been practicing more on my free-throws and practicing more on my offensive rebounds. I felt much more comfortable tonight.

On the half-court offense:
It was our first time really playing in the half-court. [Coastal Carolina] really took away our transition opportunities. But, I think once we start playing more, we’ll get better in the half-court.

On the second half:
In the second half, their shots were a lot longer, so I was in better position to get rebounds. I also think we shared the ball a lot better. I think once we move the ball more, we’ll get a lot more assists.

On establishing a post presence:
We wanted to establish a post presence and get easier opportunities to score. We wanted to take advantage of our length against this squad.

Tony Parker and Isaac Hamilton:

Tony Parker:
On Kevon Looney:
It’s fun to compete with Kevon [Looney] to get rebounds; we are always talking about it during the games.

On rebounding:
It’s tough rebounding on the team because everyone is a lot longer than last year. We always talk about the battles in the locker room.

On Coastal Carolina's style of play:
This is a different type team, so we had to get used to their system. I knew they would double-team in the post because I’m familiar with one of their assistant coaches.

On Thomas Welsh:
Thomas [Welsh] is a good kid, sometimes he over-thinks, but he’s going to be really good for this program. This game was kind of physical inside, so next time I have to do a better job preparing him for that.

Isaac Hamilton:
On the opening of the game:

Honestly the first 10 minutes, guys were stagnant; the ball movement was really slow. During the timeouts, we made the adjustments; that’s what good teams really do. Our coaches really wanted us to move the ball more.

On the timeouts:
They were telling us that a lot of screens were not being set. We also talked about moving the ball a lot more.

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