VIDEO: Jack Talks USC

Nov. 17 -- Myles Jack talks about when he knew the rivalry was a big deal, and whether it adds anything to it for him to have Steve Sarkisian on the sidelines for USC...

Myles Jack talks on Monday:

On if the rivalry is more significant with Steve Sarkisian at USC:
It adds nothing to it.

On where he was during the Oregon State-Arizona State game:
I was in my dorm room. I was eating doritos and Oregon State came back and won and that was cool. That was a good feeling to know we're in control of our own destiny.

On if it makes it easier or more pressure:
Neither. The position we put ourselves in early on, we had to go out and be the chasers. It got us this far.

On being one of the few awake:
I was up. Everyone else went home, but I was up.

On Buck Allen:
I played against him last year so I know what to expect. He was one of the better backs we played. You can't arm tackle, you have to wrap up. He'll be a great challenge for us.

On being able to handle the emotion of the game:
We're just more of a mature team. We learned from our mistakes. We're playing smarter football, better football. We're evolving and becoming a better team.

On the coaches telling them to keep their emotions in check:
We were reminded this morning. I'll be on my best behavior again. They were like 'we understand there will be a lot of emotions so keep it in shape.'

On if the bye week was nice going in to USC:
I enjoyed the bye weekend, not regarding USC or any opponent, but having time to relax, watch college football and be on the other side.

On what other games he watched:
I watched the Alabama-Mississippi State game. I watched the Georgia-Auburn game. I watched the Nebraska-Wisconsin game. Gordon did his thing.

On the difference in Cody Kessler:
He got better, a lot better. I just notice how accurate he was. Watching the Cal game, he's very decisive going through his reads. He's a true pocket passer.

On if they'll keep using him on blitzes:
I don't know, whatever the coaches want me to do.

On USC in the second half:
Our game plan is for any team, to get on them on the jump. Put them away early if you can. We're not waiting for the second half. That's our motto, put them away early.

On if the rivalry feels different in year two:
I didn't really understand it until I played in the game. Now I know what it really means and what it means to UCLA and USC, I didn't really get it. It's going to be fun.

On when in the game last year he got it:
It was the pregame, guys who don't normally get mad, they were getting mad and ready to fight. I realized it means a lot to people. I embraced that and instilled that inside of me. I remember it was wild before the game.

On talking with Caleb Benenoch about not getting ejected this year:
I haven't talked to him, but I'll let him know you brought it up.

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