VIDEO: Payton on Controlling Destiny

Nov. 21 -- Jordan Payton talks about where he was when he heard that ASU had lost, giving UCLA control of its own destiny...

Jordan Payton during Rivalry Week:

On their mindset this week:
We want to continue to play good football, to continue to do the things we've been doing the past four weeks. Correct our mistakes, go about it and get ready for our next opponent.

On Oregon State beating Arizona State:
We're not too worried about that. For the past 4-5 weeks, since the season started, we know that in order to get what we want, we had to go out and compete. That was a big win for Oregon State, congratulations to them, but for us, we have to focus on our next opponent, our crosstown rivals, and get ready for them.

On if he watched the ASU-OSU game:
I was. I was flipping back and forth. Auburn and Georgia just finished. What a great day for college football, a great day to see some great games, and some big wins for some teams.

On how excited he was at the OSU win:
For any of us, we understand that if that happens and we lose, it doesn't matter. So it something we looked at to continue to push ourselves to win.

On how it helps them in the standings:
I can't deny that. That's a fact. I can sit here and tell you we're in the lead. But all of this doesn't matter if we don't win. For us, that's not our focus, it has to be on our opponent. We have to do what we do.

On their focus on the bye week:
Getting everybody back. For me, I felt a little run down. So I got myself back together and feel great. For the older guys, that bye came at the best time for us. We corrected a lot of mistakes and I thought we did a great job getting the younger guys acclimated more and developing the offense more.

On Adoree Jackson:
Overall, our opponent does really well. They're athletic and aggressive as far as their corners go. They're great athletes. Great size. Adoree is a phenomenal player. I know we wanted him here. I'm excited for the challenge. Its always fun.

On their biggest growth the past few weeks:
Maturity, I would say. Being able to battle adversity. Every week, I come here and stand and talk to you guys about fixing mistakes and penalties. So for us to mature and put together a game where we only had three penalties and none in the first half was big for us going in to next week.

On if this game will see penalties play a role:
I'm not going to say that. I don't expect anything. We're going to go out there and have no penalties. No penalties.

On if this game is more emotional than others:
They've all been emotional. I can tell you that every single week has been the biggest game of my life, our life. We battled back after each loss. We played with our backs against the wall. We're looking forward to this opponent. Its another big game. For us, its about coming out and playing the best game. We'll definitely be ready.

On if a game like this is fun with what's riding on it:
Its crazy. In any other sport, two losses is ok, but one loss is not ok in college football. It puts a lot of pressure on your team. Pressure can make diamonds or burst the pipes. For us, its been diamonds for us the past few weeks and we're trying to make another one.

On the emotion after last year's win over USC:
I remember a win and I remember being happy. So we're trying to have that again. Its always great to get a win, especially against a very good opponent. We know those wins are tough and hard to get and this Saturday will be another tough one. We have to have a great week of practice and get after it.

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