VIDEO: Adams on Kick Returns

Nov. 18 -- Ishmael Adams talks about how he visualizes a successful kick return before it happens...

Ishmael Adams during Rivalry Week:

On if he'll ever get the ball kicked to him again:
I feel like this is the week to do it.

On why he thinks that:
Big rivalry, a lot of confidence, a lot of pride.

On the ASU-OSU game:
I was at a friends celebrating a birthday. I was watching it. It was a good game. I missed the end of it. The volume was on and at halftime, we kind of lost it watching other games. It was good.

On the implications of the ASU loss:
I was excited but at the end of the day, we still have two more games so its our next opponent that we're worried about.

They have a lot of good players and a lot of good ability and an experienced quarterback. They're a good team, well-coached and we'll do our best.

On Nelson Agholor:
Explosive, fast, fast, fast. He's elusive. He's a good player, kind of Marqise Lee, in that category. He's done a good job this year taking that lead role and doing his thing.

On if he'll follow him:
I moved around this whole year, so they won't know where we're lining up this week. It will be a good game of who's going to be where.

On focusing on the game instead of USC:
We're focused on the game and being at our best when our best is required.

On the strides of the defense:
We're just being consistent. Just keep doing our jobs. Having the mentality its coming our way every time.

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