VIDEO: Kendricks on Final USC Game

Nov. 18 -- Senior linebacker Eric Kendricks talks about the emotions heading into his final game against USC...

Eric Kendricks on Rivalry Week:

On USC's offense:
They spread it out and get the tempo going but they're still SC and have a ton of athletes and like to get their running backs running the ball.

On if watched the Arizona State-Oregon State game:
No I didn't. Nope.

On his reaction to the ASU loss:
I was excited but I'm excited for this weekend and USC, nothing gets me more excited than USC. We always control our destiny. That's what each day of preparation is. I'm excited to play USC. Can't wait to do it.

On if the rivalry has developed since his freshman year:
For me its been the same, I've always had this rivalry in my heart since I was a kid. I always took the same approach. We have to play our game and get ready to practice.

On their win streak:
I definitely feel like we've found ourselves and know what we have to be able to do. Just controlling ourselves, in-house kind of stuff.

On Cody Kessler:
He's a good passer, and he puts the ball on the money. He's a great player and I'm excited for this challenge.

On disrupting Kessler:
Our pass rush is crucial this week.

On what he's learned about their team:
We're resilient. Even when we're down, we play with heart and emotion.

On Buck Allen:
Last year he broke two of my tackles and I took that very seriously. He runs hard and with his legs.

On if he keeps track with running backs:
No, I just remember that one vividly.

On why they're so resilient:
It comes from our camp in San Bernardino and our offseason. We have to take that personally and know we really worked for it. And come out with that mindset we're a good team.

On being early season frontrunners and now back in control of their destiny:
I still think we're underdogs and everyone is out to get us. At the end of the day, we have to handle our business and take care of business and we'll be successful.

On if this game is different:
I'd say it's very special because it's my last one, but at the same time, every game is very important, especially these last two and I'll do my part to prepare for it like every other game.

On keeping emotions in check:
We have to understand that what they have and if we don't pay attention to our keys and our gaps, they can exploit us so we want to eliminate that.

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