VIDEO: Perkins on Rivalry

Nov. 20 -- Sophomore running back Paul Perkins downplays the importance of city bragging rights...

Paul Perkins on Rivalry Week:

On the ASU-OSU game:
I was asleep. I was tired. I had a long day. I wasn't doing much, just chilling with my family. My mom was watching it, she cared more about it than me. She was like 'Paul come down' and she told me.

On if he was excited to hear it:
At the time, not really, I just wanted to go back to sleep. She woke me up and told me. Then in the morning, I was like 'ok, we're in business.'

On what it means:
We just need to keep going out there and play hard and good football.

On the USC defensive line:
They're a really good defensive line. They have some really big guys up front. Some gap readers. I'm really looking forward to this challenge.

On if he can feel it on campus:
Yeah, I see people on campus with 'Beat SC' shirts, the rivalry, the bonfire is coming up, this is what college football is all about.

On if it feels different going in to this game:
I don't think so. The same feeling as every week, we have an opponent to go out there and play football.

On playing their next two games at the Rose Bowl:
Its always great to play at the Rose Bowl. Our fans, we have great fans, I really love playing at the Rose Bowl. Playing at homes gives us a sense of security.

On what three wins over USC would mean:
Honestly, it's just another game to us. Its like playing another Pac-12 game.

On if its really just another game:
To me it is, I don't really have a rival. They're just another Pac-12 school.

On if there is something to having bragging rights:
Yeah, but you have bragging rights over any Pac-12 school like ASU, UofA, having bragging rights over anyone is very nice.

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