VIDEO: Vanderdoes on USC

Nov. 18 -- Defensive tackle Eddie Vanderdoes talks about USC week and how he'll deal with USC's cut blocks...

Eddie Vanderdoes during USC Week:

On what the game means to him:
It means everything. Its the battle for LA. Last year, I didn't gain the whole grasp of it, I just knew it was obviously a big game. But going through a whole offseason leading up to now, its everything.

On what made him realize the significance of the rivalry:
Just the whole week leading up to it. The competitiveness. All that trash talking then after the game, that feeling of celebrating with your teammates after beating your crosstown rivals. It carries into the offseason, everyone being 'good job beating USC.'

On being a USC commit:
To be honest, it was neutral. You don't really choose a side when you're being recruited by both schools.

On if a win helps recruiting:
Everyone wants to play for a winning team and the frontrunner in L.A.

On their offensive line:
They're physical and massive. For as big as they are, they're athletic, so it will be a challenge.

On Buck Allen:
He's great. I can't really find a comparison, but he's more of a finesse back. He's an NFL type back. He sees a hole and hits it. He'll finesse you and very good at breaking tackles. It works for him, I think he's leading the Pac-12 in rushing. Its worked the whole season.

On USC's cut blocking:
You just have to play the cut. You can't get cut. Its one of those things, there are no techniques for, just don't get cut.

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