VIDEO: Benenoch on Last Year

Nov. 19 -- Right tackle Caleb Benenoch talks about the punch that took him out of the USC game last year...

Caleb Benenoch on USC Week:

On getting ejected from the USC game last year:
Football is an emotional game. I let my emotions get to me but I'm looking forward to this game.

On if he's more motivated this year:
I wouldn't say it's more motivation. My motivation is my teammates and going out there and being great every week. The offensive line, we're doing a really good job the past few weeks, stepping up. So that's what my focus is right now.

On the offensive line gelling:
Its very important. I think the important thing is going out there and doing our job. It helps us. We just have to go out there and do our job and be focused.

On Leonard Williams:
He's good with his hands. He's a talented guy. He's a really good player. We just have to do our job.

On USC blitzing:
We're expecting everything. Coach Mora said to expect those kind of looks. He prepares us for every situation and every scenario.

On trying to check his emotions:
Its not that difficult. I'm more mature than when I first got here. I've learned a lot from Coach Mora. I've learned to keep my emotions in check and I'm not worried about it.

On all that's on the line:
It is what it is. Its a big game. We have to go out there like any other game and do our job.

On if emotions or tempo contribute to their penalties:
I think the penalty issue stems from lack of discipline and over aggression. We get after it. When you mix that with lack of discipline, that's when you get silly penalties. Holding and PI will happen, but we have to eliminate penalties and have done a better job minding our P's and Q's.

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