VIDEO: Ulbrich on USC's Offense

NOV. 19 -- UCLA Defensive Cooordinator Jeff Ulbrich talked about matching up against USC's hybrid, balanced offense, and defending some of its standout performers...

On USC's offense:
First of all, it will be a great challenge for us, extremely doverse. The best of the pro-style stuff we've seen, the spread stuff we've seen. An efficient run game. I'm excited for our defense to accept this challenge. It's going to be a fun one.

On if they've seen an offense like this:
We haven't seen it. Not sure if it exists anywhere else. You kind of see its the melting of minds, some guy wiht pro style influences, and some guys with spread and tempo and they're grasping both.

On Cody Kessler:
He's done very well and can get to his second and third read. He's a guy who can get to his third guy. And his third guy, unlike with most offenses, is a real guy. Very effective, their personal is real good. He's great at executing what they're trying to do on offense.

On the importance of bringing pressure:
He gets the ball out quickly and reads defense quickly. But they've been effective in running the ball. Every offense that way, the play action is always valid. Especially running the ball on 3rd and 5 and 3rd and 6. We have to stop the run.

On their offensive line:
THey do a good job. You look at the Fresno game and this week against Cal, they've improved every week.

On Buck Allen:
He's a Sunday running back, a guy who will play in the NFL. What's unique is his patience. He'll really let his offensive line to set their blocks. A lot of times you see younger backs, a little impatient. He's got patience and vision and great at breaking that tackle.

On if emotion leads to gap issues:
If the last two days of practice are any reflection, I'm highly confident they'll be committed to our scheme and doing their job.

On Nelson Agholor:
I don't know if we've seen a better one. He's an exceptional route runner, with good speed and quickness. Has great hands, strong hands. Even in tight coverage he wins those battles. I'm excited for our DBs.

On Jordan Lasley giving them a look as Agholor:
Absolutely. Jordan Lasley is going to be a stud. That sucker comes out and competes his butt off every day. These really are his Saturdays. He approaches that every day. He's becoming a guy that makes it easier for our guys on Saturday.

On balancing attention with Agholor:
You have to be diverse in your play calling and mix it up. And then having an answer. If he is an issue, having an answer for him.

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