Bruins Check Out Penn

NOV. 24 -- The Bellevue (Wash.) 2016 receiver, Tyson Penn, had a big game with a UCLA coach looking on...

Bellevue (Wash.) 2016 receiver Tyson Penn (6-5, 195), was at Federal Way as a sophomore, one of the better 4A programs in Washington.

But after his family moved to Bellevue, he moved to the premier program in the state, if not all of the Northwest.

The problem for Penn, a long and gifted receiver, is that the Wolverines have long been known for their vaunted running game.

That hasn’t hurt Penn, and in fact, his presence on the team has allowed Bellevue to throw more this season, the chemistry he and quarterback Justus Rogers developing leading to a big season for him.

“Recruiting wise, it’s worked out really well for me,” said Penn. “I’m getting a lot of attention. But as a player, it’s even better because I’m playing a lot harder teams and players everyday in practice and just getting better every day. I go against (2016 four-star cornerback) Isaiah Gilchrist every day.”

Penn has one early offer, from Montana, but the more he gets attention at Bellevue, the more he anticipates that growing.

“I’m hearing a lot from Washington and UCLA,” said Penn. “And I’m hearing a little bit from Washington State and Oregon State.”

Penn had a two-touchdown game in their play-in game for the state playoffs with UCLA assistant coach Angus McClure looking on.

“I had an idea that they were going to be coming and then I saw the coach on the sideline but I didn’t try to let it make me play any different,” said Penn. “I just played the way I practice and did everything as normal as possible. But it was nice to have a good game with him watching.”

Penn said that he’s eager to get on the camp and 7v7 circuit in the spring and get more attention, just as he expects his film to attract more schools.

“I got my first offer from Montana and that was cool and a relief, but I think more D-I schools could be coming close,” said Penn. “I’m really interested in Washington with them being close to home.”

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