VIDEO: Mora on Thursday

Nov. 20 -- Head coach Jim Mora talks about learning from Steve Sarkisian about the college game...

Opening statement:
We've had a good few days here. We have a lot of work still to do. We're focused and we should be for a game like this. It will be a good afternoon and we're looking forward to it.

On bringing a week slowly:
I think it goes back to the way we prepare every week. We don't change things. Our formula has proven to be fairly successful. You're always tweaking it but you don't change. You prepare the same way. If you build a consistency through the years and it's successful, you stick with it.

On if his team is anxious:
I havent noticed that on that team. I've noticed excitement but they're like that every week. One of the things I do is stand back and watch them and they seem where they are the pass few weeks. Anxious to play and excited to play. We have to continue along the lines and then Saturday go play our best game.

On the penalties:
I never want to say they're gone but I think we have to make sure we're owning that issue. I asked them to own that and I think they have. Its important we don't have those critical penalties at inopportune times.

On if penalties are critical in a game like this:
I hope not. I hope penalties don't decide a game like this, I hope it's the players on the field playing their hearts out. I hope the officials understand the significance of this game and let young men decide the outcome.

On how he compares this rivalries to others:
I really haven't been a part of any for a long, long time. Back when I was in college, it was Washington-Washington State or Washington-Oregon. It seems like it was much different and I was younger. In the NFL you really don't have rivalries. You have divisional opponents, but you don't really have rivalries, especially when you're in the same city. Its very unique to the world of sports which makes it so special.

On Steve Sarkisian:
I have great respect for Steve. He's partially responsible for me standing here. He really is. He gave me an opportunity to be around the University of Washington program. He didn't have to do that but he did it. We've been friends. And now we're friendly competitors. We're going to go out there on Saturday and trying to beat each other. But at the end of the day, I have great respect for him as a person and as a coach. I wish he wasn't at USC.

On what he learned from Sarkisian about the college game:
I think what I learned was how appealing it was for me to be around athletes this age where you can have some type of impact on their life on the field and off the field. Things you felt like you can provide for them. Advice, support. I've been through those things. There is an anxiety about college athletes, about what comes next. He was very gracious about letting me have full access. It's not like I was in every meeting or every practice, but I was around and I appreciate it.

On if Sarkisian told him how important recruiting was:
He didn't have to tell me that, everyone knows that. And I can tell you this, it's not like he divulged any of their secrets. I wasn't in any recruiting meetings. He's way too smart to make that mistake.

On Leonard Williams:
He's a great player. He's disruptive and explosive. He can play the run, rush the passer. He's in the discussion for top 10, top 5. He's a great football player. He's something special and we have to really do a great job taking care of him this week.

On if pregame speeches are important:
I think they're overrated in general. Its the things you say to them over the course of the year and the course of the week, the culture you build, the things you emphasis. You can give a win one for the gipper speech but when they're hit in the mouth, that goes out the door. Its the attitude and mindset you create through the years and through the weeks you're playing.

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