VIDEO: Alford after Nicholls State

Nov. 20 -- Head coach Steve Alford talks about the blowout victory over Nicholls state...

Opening statement:
I was really pleased, especially with the first half. I thought we played really well in the first 20 minutes and then we got a little bit sloppy. I thought [Nicholls State] played really well in the second half and made a lot of plays. [Nicholls State] made shots and got in rhythm; a lot of that had to do with our start to the second half. When you get 28 assists in a basketball game, out-rebound your opponent by 16, you shoot 56 percent, you score 107 points, there’s just an awful lot of good things. We had a lot of guys playing well, sharing the basketball and doing a lot of good things. This was a good 40 minute effort for us, and now we have our toughest test to date coming up Sunday against Long Beach State.

On Bryce Alford’s performance:
He’s been terrific. He at one point had 13 assists and no turnovers. When you get 13 assists, 28 points and get to the free-throw line again, he’s just doing a really good job. He and Isaac [Hamilton] both played well. It wasn’t his best shooting night, but Isaac [Hamilton] had five assists and one turnover; you have to find other ways. I thought Bryce controlled the game and dictated how we wanted to play offensively and defensively. It’s becoming contagious; we have a lot of guys sharing the ball and moving the ball, and that starts with your point guard.

On the rotation:
The minutes have been pretty good so far. Had we extended the lead a little more in the second half, we might have rested a few of them. Thomas [Welsh], Noah [Allen], Gyorgy [Goloman] and Wanaah [Bail], that’s our bench, and all of them were in double-figure minutes. The starters will have 28-34 minutes, that’s what we’re trying to condition them to. We are who we are, and that bench will continue to develop.

On going inside:
We thought we could get the ball inside, [Nicholls State] is not a particularly big team. We wanted to make sure we got Tony [Parker] going. I thought that was a big key for the game, and he became that dominant center. He’s coming off of a game where he had six turnovers. For him to respond, shows maturity and growth.

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