VIDEO: Players after Victory

Nov. 20 -- Norman Powell, Bryce Alford, and Tony Parker talk after the win over Nicholls State...

Norman Powell and Bryce Alford:

Bryce Alford:
On the team’s offensive performance:
I just liked the way we played tonight on offense. I love to get guys open shots; I really love setting guys up for a shot. They do the hard part; I just like giving the ball to them in open opportunities so they can hit the shots. It’s just a comfort level that we have, and we just play the way we play. There are not a lot of rules, we all come from different backgrounds, and we just play to our strengths. It makes it fun because the coaches trust us out there; it’s just easy flowing basketball.

Norman Powell:
On the difference from this last year’s team to this year’s team:
It’s pretty much the same. Our chemistry is high, but we are inexperienced. In the second half, we were sloppy, we just beat them by two points. What we did in the second half, we can’t do again. Like I said, the biggest difference is our inexperience.

Tony Parker:

Tony Parker:
On the rebound battle with Kevon Looney:
We were talking about that in the locker room. He took three away from me tonight. He is just everywhere; he came across the block and was snatching rebounds. He has that 7’5” wingspan, so it makes it impossible sometimes to get rebounds. What’s funny about it is that he talks about it during the game, even during timeouts. I don’t like sitting next to him because he reminds me how many rebounds he’s gotten. It’s fun joking with him.

On if he was focused on his career high for points:
Not really, I just wanted to get more rebounds. I’m not trying to get a lot of points; rebounds are the key for me. When we get rebounds and let the guards play, it’s a great thing to watch.

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