VIDEO: Mora After USC Win

NOV. 22 -- Coach Jim Mora is all-business about the win over USC, and is already set on the Stanford game...

Opening statement:
That was a good win, and it just helps us chase our dreams. We have to get on Stanford. They have beaten us three times in a row. We can’t sit here and gloat.

On what this win means for UCLA:
It just confirms what I have believed in all along. It’s not close to finished, but we are moving in the right direction.

On how long UCLA will bask in this moment:
No, we don’t bask in moments. We’ll just move onto the next moment.

On the improvement of UCLA’s defense:
You’ve seen them progress through the year, and our pass rush started out slow. It has improved as the season has gone on. But, we have to keep getting better. We missed a lot of sacks. We have to correct that stuff before Friday.

On Brett Hundley’s response after throwing a pick-six early in the first quarter:
He was really unaffected by it. He came off the field, and he knew that he’d made a bad throw. He did not let it bother him. The game just re-started for him. He is one of many leaders on this team. It’s just fun to be around these guys. That shows how much he has matured through this year, how he recovered after that throw.

On UCLA’s touchdown immediately before halftime being a turning point:
I don’t feel like there is a turning point until that last second ticks of the clock. You can look at that as a turning point, but I’m ready for the next down.

On what the rivalry means to him now:
When I got here, I didn’t think much of it. I just have a lot of respect for Sark, obviously. That guy gave me an opportunity, along with Dan [Guerrero] and Chancellor Block. I just have a lot of respect for Sark and what he is trying to do over there. I don’t know about the rivalry. That is not how my mind works. I just work day to day.

On UCLA’s use of Myles Jack in the gameplan:
We only gave him, I think, he only had it three or four times. That is kind of about what he has been averaging per game. We like to give Paul [Perkins] a break now and then. And then we have Nate Starks and Jordon James. [Myles] He’s big and physical. You saw the hit that he put on that kid on the sideline. I hope that kid is OK.

On Erick Kendricks’ second-quarter interception:
It was so close. Fortunately, they ruled it an interception. It has to be indisputable evidence. He kept his feet up. It was just a very athletic play for him.

On UCLA’s keys on defense:
To me, it is about stopping the run, first. Eliminating big plays, second, and getting after the quarterback, third. But you don’t want to let things get down the field on us. Nelson Agholor is special. I said the same thing about [Marqise] Lee two years ago. [Nelson] He’s a great football player. You have to tackle him and you can’t let him get loose.

On UCLA’s wide receivers:
I think they did OK. I think Jordan Payton is a special player. Mossi Johnson has gotten better for us. Getting Thomas Duarte back in there in the middle paid dividends for us. Eldrige [Massington] has a touchdown. Devin Lucien had a touchdown. I think that is a product of the offensive line doing a great job. Brett was accurate. I looked up, and at one point I think he was something like 21 for 30.

On UCLA’s physicality in the rivalry game:
We are a physical football team. UCLA is a physical football team. I don’t think there was anything extra. We felt like if we let it get to where it was extra, we thought that it could get away from us, emotionally. We held it together emotionally, and USC did the exact same thing. That is a credit to our staff and to their staff. That is a credit to their players and to our players. It was good, hard-fought football by two teams dying to get after each other.

On UCLA’s motivation to advance to the College Football Playoff:
I talk about the Pac-12 Championship. We have to win Friday. If we can win Friday, we will have another shot to win the Pac-12 Championship. I don’t talk about that other stuff. A chance to go compete for the Pac-12 Championship. Our world’s got to end Friday, and it will.

On the defensive line applying pressure and that being contagious on UCLA’s defense:
I think it just all fits together. When you stop the run, and they had some success early rushing the ball, it just opens up a lot for you. Then you can rush the passer with a little bit more abandon. You can play a little more run. When we got the run under control, it just helps everything. It makes the game a little bit more one-dimensional. I think that our defensive line took it personally.

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