VIDEO: Mazzone on Offensive Performance

Nov. 22 -- Offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone talks about the offensive performance against USC...

On the receivers:
I think they did a good job. Obviously it was because of the play calls. Nah, they came out and did what we've been trying to do. Trying to be physical. Downfield, they did a great job with run after the catch. That was a good front we were playing. We knew we had to get it in to our guys hands on the perimeter and they'd make the play downfield.

On Mossi Johnson:
Devin tweaked something so we had to move him from the Y to the slot and he actually played two positions. He's just a scrapper. I was really proud of Brett after the first pick. He got lost in his vision. He thought he had Nate, but he came back and shook it off.

On how special Brett Hundley is:
He's pretty damn special. That's three in a row against those Cats. He makes me a better coach. He's really kind of changed this year and grown up, hanging in the pocket and making plays for us.

On if Hundley is trusting the offensive line:
Yeah, without a doubt. I think that's probably the biggest change in us, the play of the O-Line.

On Hundley's passing vs. running:
They played us with a few more guys in the box, so I think that was one thing, that's hurt some teams. They made a conscious effort, there wasn't a lot of room in there. They did a nice job containing him as a runner, so I was happy with him hanging in there and getting to his No. 2 and No. 3 progressions.

On Stanford:
We're going to enjoy this one tonight and we'll start thinking about them tomorrow at 9 a.m. I'm gonna enjoy it tonight and Jim can do what he wants.

On the short routes with Devin Fuller:
Devin, the hidden yardage in that, it helps our run game. It forces them to adjust to what Devin is doing out there which helps Paul and JJ and Starks more.

On if he expected USC to blitz as much early:
They're a really good defense and they always have a good plan. I don't think he blitzed a lot but they mixed it up and got to us early.

On Jordan Payton:
He doesn't surprise me. That's my guy. JP is a ball player. He's a go to guy for us. I know Brett has a ton of confidence and this football team has a ton of confidence in JP.

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