VIDEO: Ulbrich on Defensive Pressure

Nov. 22 -- Defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich talks about how much pressure the defensive line got against USC...

On the pass rush:
It was pretty good. They did a really good job of stopping the run early on and whenever you stop the run, you earn the right to rush the passer and we did. It was good to see those guys have the opportunity to go.

On if they blitzed more than usual:
No, a lot of that was just the defensive line. I'll look back and see how much we brought pressure, but often that was just the DBs doing good in coverage and the linebackers being great in coverage and the defensive line taking advantage of it.

On if UCLA's defensive line played with a chip on his shoulder:
Absolutely. Its always that way. I know Owa was looking at this as an opportunity. Here's a guy that is about to become draft eligible. Their 94 gets a lot of attention, and he's a great player and makes a lot of plays. He and the rest of that group took the opportunity to show who they thought was the better defensive line.

On the players focusing on Stanford:
We'll see. We haven't even begun that yet. I couldn't tell you about Stanford, we were just so focused on this game. We really approach this game like all of our games, the world ends after the game and we turn to the next. We enjoy it for 24 hours then we move on and focus on Stanford.

On the defense proving a point:
The DBs won't get enough credit but they did a heck of a job, the linebackers did a heck of a job in coverage. We put Kenny Young, a true freshman, on 82, who's one of the top tight ends in the country. We put Myles on their #15 and did a good job of taking him.

On the defense playing loose and free:
That's always that balance on defense, playing with emotion and getting after it and playing inspired but at the same time, having that presence of mind playing within your scheme.

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