VIDEO: Kendricks on Game Plan

Nov. 23 -- Senior linebacker Eric Kendricks talks about how well UCLA had USC's offense schemed...

Eric Kendricks after USC:

On the fourth down stop at the goalline:
We got a stop and that was awesome. Unfortunately, we didn't have too good a punt but we answered and came back on the fourth down and that was huge for our offense and momentum.

On if he was in bounds on his interception:
Oh yeah. I was in bounds. I knew I was in bounds. I tried to celebrate but my teammates attacked me from the sidelines. It was fun, I had a great time.

On stopping Nelson Agholor:
We knew he was a great receiver, an explosive receiver. Cody Kessler couldn't get him the ball. That was our job to not let him get the ball. Our pass rush had to be there and we had to have coverage on him and we did both. Hats off to our guys, they were rushing the passer really well and Myles was covering them really well and DBs were doing a great job.

On winning three in a row:
My first start as a Bruin was the 50-0 loss we had, so I went in to the lab and told myself I wasn't going to go out like that ever again. Its awesome to me we won three in a row and its because of our hard work and dedication.

On the defensive scheme against USC:
I think we had a great gameplan going in to this game. Hats off to Coach Brick, he did a great job. We were locked in and tuned in. They gave us a couple problems here and there but we worked it out on the sidelines and came back and answered it and everyone was communicating and it was awesome.

On if he had any missed tackles against Buck Allen:
Not too many this time.

On if he could tell that Cody Kessler was getting uncomfortable:
Oh yeah, and as we got going with our pass rush, it escalated and he started looking at the pass rush instead of looking down field and that's what we want. Owa and Deon Hollins were rushing their butts off.

On if it was a combo of coverage and the DL:
We took away their first look and played aggressively towards them. Combine that with a pass rush, the first look isn't going to be open.

On what the win means big picture:
Everyone can see how they see it. For our team, its a great win and we'll let it build for the next game against Stanford. We'll come in and work, watch some film and get ready for the next game.

On having a chance to win the Pac-12 South against Stanford:
We like the one game at a time mentality, take every game very seriously and come with the same approach. But I'd be lying if I said this game isn't very important because of what they've done to us in the past. Emotions are high and I'm ready for the challenge.

On defensive adjustments at the half:
I think we scored right before we went in to half and thats a great boost for morale and then our offense came back and scored the first drive. Our defense was just ready to go and that gives us confidence and mojo to go out there and play our hardest.

On his interception:
I was just dropping to the flat, doing my assignment and the ball was tipped and I made a play on it. I don't really practice it that much, but the ball was in the air and I made a play on it. It was pretty cool, though, I'm not going to lie, it was one of my coolest plays as a Bruin. Hats off to my team, I couldn't have done it without them.

On the growth of the program since the 50-0 loss in 2011:
Coach Mora came in and preached a hard mentality and really went to work and everyone bought in, we've been working ever since. We put our heads down and whatever happens, happens. Our guys are resilient and we play hard and play for each other and that's awesome.

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