VIDEO: Johnson on Big Game

Nov. 23 -- Freshman receiver Mossi Johnson talks about how he's progressed and playing the F and Y on Saturday...

Mossi Johnson after USC:

On his game against USC:
It was a great experience for my first game. Coach Mora said you play for everyone's dreams, so you play for the seniors that have to leave. I want them to leave with something they can remember.

On what the rivalry means to him being from L.A.:
The rivalry doesn't really mean that much to me yet and I treated it like it was a regular game, and do what I need to do and execute.

On moving between the receiver positions:
At the Y, you get more vertical routes and at the F, you get the ball in short yardage and make a big play. I feel like I'm a decent playmaker

On if he showed the ability to play more F:
You can say that. If they need to put me at F, put me at F, if they need to put me at Y, put me at Y. It doesn't really matter, I'm prepared for anything.

On his first catch:
It was tough, I just wanted to hold on to the ball. I concentrated on keeping the ball and keeping the drive alive so we can get down the field.

On how he's getting more comfortable with the stakes higher:
You just make sure to remember your team always has your back and I'm on the field for a reason and here for a reason and know my role.

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