VIDEO: Odighizuwa on Pass Rush

Nov. 23 -- Owamagbe Odighizuwa talks about what changed in UCLA's ability to rush the passer...

Owamagbe Odighizuwa after USC:

On if they saw things they could take away from USC:
We saw the weaknesses in their protection and where we could attack it and how we could get after it. And then coaches just trusted it and we built that trust through how we practiced all week, watching film, just seeing the type of protections they liked to run and where we could attack their weaknesses. Then we started dialing it up.

On if he had something to prove with Leonard Williams getting all the hype:
For me, I didn't regard him all week. I didn't have incentive in that end. My thing was just to beat him and we did that. I didn't want to leave here without beating USC and that was my motivation.

On if there was something extra there with their sacks:
Honestly, we were just running our stuff. We saw their weaknesses and attacked it and were getting home. That was part of our preparation all week, find the weaknesses, communicate with the coaches and execute.

On if he could tell they were getting to Kessler:
Absolutely, we got after him pretty well and made him uncomfortable in the pocket and it helped us in a big way.

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